Low-metal-temp glassware
 This is low-melt-temperature sintered glass, used for sealing exhaust pipes of plasma displays. Others are used for sealing diodes and light-emitting elements used for signal detection in CD players and laser scanners. There is also sintered glass used for sealing of video cameras.
 We have succeeded in producing lead-free, low-melt-temperature glassware. 
 We are also engaged in environmental measures, responding to RoHS.
   Kovars ® seals
 This is Kovar® glass; it is used for photomultipliers (components of gamma cameras), light source lamps for atomic absorption spectrometry, and metal sealing of CRT. If requested, we are able to sinter this Kovar® glass into higher density states (higher than 99.5% density).
    Compressed seals

 This is compressed sealing glass for quartz crystal units. It is used for watches, VCR built-in clock circuitry, car radios, and clocks installed in cars.
 These materials are mainly used for sealing iron to iron-nickel. For sealing other materials, other kinds of glass with different compositions are also available.
    Harmetic seals
 These are hermetic seals for special uses, including high-durability glass seals, high density glass seals, crystallized glass seals, glass-to-glass seals, ceramic-glass seals, and so on.
 As an outgrowth of the recent trend toward miniaturization of electronic parts, sealing glass has also been miniaturized. We have optimized the choices of 'die and mold' materials, treatment of glass powder, and the process of sintering. As a result, we have succeeded in        mass production of these items.